Thursday, May 26, 2011


I love to watch politics. I also happen to be a rather large fan of my rights as well as the rights of others. I have friends on nearly every side of the political spectrum. I won't get into what I believe, but I will highlight something I have watched unfolding this evening with both shock and, at the cost of some friends, amusement.

Apparently the FDA has decided to seize an incoming shipment of birthing pools for water births by saying they are "unregistered medical equipment". There is no way to register these as they are not considered medical equipment in the US. Lawyers are being called and needless to say, it is quite the "to do".

Now, when something like this happens, I am naturally appalled. I believe in a woman's right to give birth in whatever way she chooses be it at home, in a hospital, or in a birthing center. Frankly, I think it's her choice and as long as she's not high risk I see no problem with it. The potential recall of "all" (their words - not mine) birthing tubs in the US is a serious concern. Please do not believe I am "downplaying" the issue.

This problem immediately surfaced on FB. For the past few hours I have watched the posts fly as friends who are doulas, midwives, women, men, and everything in between have put in their comments on the situation.

As I stated before, I have friends on all sides of the political spectrum.

So it strikes me as rather amusing when bureaucracy red tape and stupidity is confused with a particular political party. Some comments I have seen about this issue on FB have been:

"Here come the democradorks again stealing our right to birth outside a hospital."

"First abortion, now birthing tubs - the GOP is at it again."


Red tape is not universal to one party. Neither is stupidity. Each group has made their mistakes and is never always in the right.

But let's place the pressure on this where it belongs - ON THE FDA.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Complete Homecoming

Tonight was my beautiful son's Confirmation and First Communion.

I, being the Italian mother I am, was running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Pinning corsages and boutonnieres, running interference for missing children and/or their sponsors, helping with new seating arrangements created at the last minute...

It never ends.

So when I finally SAT in the pew next to my husband I had quite a shock. I knelt to pray and the prelude began. "Here I Am, Lord". One of my very favorite songs from the church I grew up in. The first piece of Christian music to move me to tears. It has always touched my heart so incredibly deeply.

I have said through this whole journey that if this is what the Lord wants for my family, He will make it abundantly clear.

Message Received. Roger.

So as the ceremony progresses and we all greatly enjoy the Bishop, his homily, and his wonderful demeanor with the kids I relax and laugh and enjoy my time immensely.

After I get back from communion, I'm kneeling and just not feeling like I should rise. The post-communion song began to play and I burst into tears.

While "Here I Am, Lord" was the song of my home original church that moved me, "As the Deer" was the song from my time in Germany that has moved me since. The calm, strong melody wafted over me as I sobbed while singing. Tears were pouring down my face while I knelt and just let myself feel it for the first time.

I was here.

I was where I belonged.

With my whole entire family.

And it felt amazing.