Thursday, June 23, 2011

Shout Out to Good Samaritan Roland!!!

I have a new favorite WalMart worker. Okay - I've liked Roland for a long time. He plays Santa at Christmas and looks the part year round. He's the guy that's always grinning ear to ear at the door and reminds you of your favorite uncle. Really. He's great.

Today there was a severe thunderstorm. I don't mean a bit of rain. We're talking hail, mesocyclones, and some SERIOUS winds and rain. I turned around and I'm from tornado country. I ran inside and hunkered down after trying to flag down DH.

I saw him come into the parking lot and thought he was going to park. Unfortunately he didn't see my car and took off. I ran out the door to try and flag him down but with a full load of lumber in the back, he couldn't see me.

I ran back inside and just announced to everyone within earshot, "Does anyone have a cell phone I can use to call my husband? Mine is in his truck and he's driving into this storm!!!"

LOTS of blank stares for the crazy lady.

Roland reaches around and pulls out his cell phone. I'm guessing he's not supposed to have it on the floor. He lets me try to call my husband and then sits out in the vestibule waiting to see if he pulls in and directs DH to where we were in the store when he arrives.

Special thanks to Roland for making THIS crazy lady's day. To not have a husband out lost in a storm that's producing 80+ MPH winds and 1 1/2" hail means he is my hero. :)

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