Monday, November 1, 2010


I'm Italian by birth...not Jewish, but there really isn't another word for today.

My son and I went to the first Sacramental Prep meeting for him this afternoon. The other parents are wonderful but I was completely shocked to learn that in our archdiocese, children are confirmed in 2nd grade!!! I need to speak to the Father about this before I go any further. I was okay with First Reconciliation and First Communion...but Confirmation is a HUGE step in a young person's life and I don't know that a 7 year old is ready for that responsibility.

Moving forward we prayed the rosary for the first time as a family tonight. Just TrainBoy and I. It was a beautiful experience...and rather amusing. I pray that as we grow in our new faith we can all maintain the enthusiasm and excitement of these early days.

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