Monday, June 25, 2012

A Hot Summer's Day

So I go outside because the Schwan's guy is here and as I come back to the house in to grab my wallet I notice my son has mud on him and is naked.

He tells me (without being asked) that he left his clothes next to the door.

So like any mother I ASSUME they are covered in mud like the child and tell him to go put them in the washer. And he informs me they're still clean.


 I raise an eyebrow.

"Well, I knew I only had one clean pair of clothes left so I took my clothes off before I went outside to go play in the mud."

 In my yard with a see through fence across the street from the biggest gossip in town and the only place to purchase groceries for 25 miles in each direction.

Gee....thank you.

I was trying so hard not to laugh I was purple. I sent him to take a shower.

This is what happens when you take tv and computers away from children....they make their own entertainment....entirely at your expense....

1 comment:

  1. It sounds like something my son would have done when he was younger. When he was younger, he would ALWAYS take his clothes off. I joked that the neighbors must think he has no clothes.