Saturday, June 2, 2012

A 12 Step Program for New Cloth Diaperers

In case anyone needs a tutorial on how to accidentally strip diapers that are only a week old, I felt I should be kind enough to enlighten you.

Step 1: Purchase a new laundry detergent (Rockin' Green in my case).

Step 2: Put regular diapers that don't need stripping in the washing machine. Run through a rinse cycle.

Step 3: Add the minimum recommended amount of detergent.

Step 4: Wash as a 1/2 load on hot.

Step 5: Run extra rinse on full size and notice bubbles.

Step 6: Rinse again. Notice just as many bubbles.

Step 7-10: Continue to repeat Step 6. Keep noticing bubbles.

Step 11: Email detergent company and end up on the phone with customer service rep.

Step 12: Laugh at yourself with her and realize eventually the bubbles will end. Continue to rinse until clear. Use 1/2 the recommended detergent until you own more diapers.

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