Friday, April 1, 2011

How a Kindle Solved All My Travel Problems

I've always been a very firm believer that whatever you need, God will provide it if you only have the patience to wait for His perfect timing.

So about a month ago, I ordered my Kindle. I'm a big reader. I LOVE reading and few things in this world make me happier than delving deep into a book.

This weekend I'm preparing for a road trip I'm starting next week. The wireless internet card arrived today from my step-dad who is kind enough to share his technology with me as I bounce across the country. I'd planned to take it to the store and find a USB cord so it could be powered from the computer to eliminate yet another plug when they're always so scarce on the road.

Lo and behold, I'd just unplugged my Kindle last night next to where I was sitting and, guess what? The plug matched the wireless internet card perfectly! :)

Then I went to the bathroom to tidy up and stumbled across my Bluetooth headset. I haven't used it since my last road trip as I don't use my phone all that often. I had no idea where the charger was and figured I wouldn't be able to use it without one. Out of sheer curiosity, I opened up it's little port to see what the plug looked like and thought...hmm....that looks rather familiar.

So I brought it out to the living room, unplugged the wireless card, and tried it. Once again, the little light lit up and the Kindle cord (which is a USB cord) would power my headset as well!

1 cord, 3 amazing devices, 1 thrilled human being!!!

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